This will be obtained in one of two ways wow

The Pandaren will be the first opponents that is available to both cheap wow gold the Group and the Partnership.  This will be obtained in one of two ways:  Either the Pandaren will be courageous classification, or they'll generally be a opponents both categories can basically select when they create a personality. What sessions can pandaren be in Mists Of Pandaria
If it is courageous classification, then it seems apparent that what it will officially be is a, "Pandaren Brewmaster".  If it is just a opponents though, then that simply leaves us with another question, "What about Brewmasters?"  Could the Losing Islands growth have both a new opponents and a new class?  That's possible with wow silver.  Will Brewmaster then be that class?
Pandaren being Shamans is easy to understand but i can't see it. but i'll be satisfied if the can be players.Also the purpose they can't be dks is down to custom as they didn't take part in the fight against the up-date.
The Blood Elves, at a lot of your energy and energy, were wanting to reach Outland, and the Draenei were actually from Outland.  The concept of The Losing Strategy was the re-opening of the Black Website and Outland, and both of those new contests fit that concept.